Tricks of the Trade: Easy “Life Hacks” for People with Disabilities

Short cuts. We all love them, we take them anytime we can, and we like sharing them with others to open their eyes to our brilliant ideas. Whether we have a disability or not, we all love a tip that can make life easier. Here at Magee, we are always searching for modifications or activities that improve independence for people with disabilities. Everyone has “tricks of the trade” they’ve developed over time, through trial and error, and products exist, both homemade and manufactured, to lighten your load.

The sooner we share these success stories, the more efficient we all can be!

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite “life hacks” for people with disabilities:

Tips to conserve energy:

– Cook in a crock pot in bulk.
– Use paper products to eliminate dish washing.
– Plan your day in advance. Schedule activities requiring the most energy for the times when you have the most energy.

Tools for people with limited fine motor coordination:

– Velcro clothing fasteners


– Clothing loops to pull pants up


– Food slicers like the pizza fork (shown below), rocker knife, or stationary cutting board


– Cell phone leg strap to stabilize the phone while utilizing screen



We could all become millionaires with the creative tools we use to make our lives easier. Share your ideas and tricks in the comments section. You never know who you could help out!


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