Wellness Triumph of the Month: Robin’s Story

Each month, the Health & Wellness Center at Magee Riverfront honors one of its clients as the “Wellness Triumph of the Month.” Today, meet Robin.

In June 2016, Robin Bailey woke up with pains her in neck. As a few hours, she lost the use of her arms and legs due to inflammation in her cervical spine. She decided that Magee would be the best place for her to start therapy. After inpatient therapy at the main hospital, she began outpatient therapy at Magee Riverfront where she joined the Wellness Center in June 2017. In Wellness, Robin likes to use the Total Gym, MOTOmed, and standing frame. Before her injury, Robin was a lab tech for a biopharmaceutical company and a tennis player. She is also a huge Redskins fan. During football season, you’ll often find Robin and her husband bickering with Wellness Coordinator Ian Crosby about the Redskins and Eagles rivalry.

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