Who Says Rehab Can’t Be Fun?

Laughter, dancing and fun aren’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of a rehab hospital. But here at Magee, we hear, see and feel it everyday.

Because it’s Friday, Juanita had an idea to spice up her therapy – and that idea included pink leopard print pants and the Eye of the Tiger.

Juanita is here because she had a stroke – and had several more prior to that. Since coming to Magee, she has made incredible strides. She gets teary (but in a joyful way!) whenever she is able to do something that she hasn’t done in years, like rolling over on her side and even walking. But today she had one more thing to cross off her list: dancing.

So Juanita and her rec therapist Tracy donned some bright pink leopard print pants, and along with therapy aide Sherrese, these three got the party started. They turned on the Just Dance video game and, well… they have some serious dance skills! Check them out!

IMG 3579 from Kimberly Shrack Tritch on Vimeo.

IMG 3582 from Kimberly Shrack Tritch on Vimeo.

Juanita loves to work hard and laugh a lot at the same time – as evidenced here!  Her therapists said she is the epitome of having a positive attitude, and she makes everyone else laugh along with her.  A big thank you to Juanita for bringing a whole lot of fun to our Friday!

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