Segal Funds In Action

The Jerry Segal Classic started in 1990 and has raised more than $16 million for patients of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. All funds raised by the Jerry Segal Classic directly benefit patients of Magee; no money goes toward administration or staff. The following is a sample of programs supported.

Funds raised from the Jerry Segal Classic support numerous programs and projects including:

  • Four wheelchair accessible buses to transport patients;
  • Guest housing fund allows families to stay in center city Philadelphia to care for a loved one while they are at Magee.
  • Building of a center for community skills on the roof of the hospital. This center emulates a city street complete with uneven curbs, potholes, gravel, automobile, phone booth, front porch, and more! Patients can practice maneuvering around real-life obstacles in a therapy setting;
  • Renovations to family guest rooms;
  • Meal program for families that has served over 65,000 meals;
  • Equipment fund for needy patients that has purchased wheelchairs, cushions, walkers and more;
  • Community re-entry program for patients with brain or spinal cord injuries to help with re-integration back into the community;
  • Improved therapy and treatment programs for patients with spinal cord injuries;
  • Numerous pieces of equipment for patients such as a Universal Gym, Gate Rite, Pressure Mapping System, computers, and Balance Master;

  • Medical education programs for clinical personnel;
  • New televisions and free television service in every patient room;
  • Computer training center for patients and former patients;
  • Community center for stroke survivors;
  • Renovations to the spinal cord injury floor to better serve patient needs;
  • Renovations to accommodate a body weight supported treadmill system that enhances the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries;
  • Funding a Vector Gait and Safety System which is a robotic gait training device;
  • Funding of community outings and trips for patients (i.e., trips to museums, ballgames, etc.).