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Magee provides state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that can be used as an inpatient, outpatient and at home.

Magee provides state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that can be used as an inpatient, outpatient and at home. The Ekso by EKSO Bionics of California, the Indego®, and ReWalk by ReWalk Robotics, are all dynamic exoskeletal (outside the skeleton) orthotic devices that are available for therapy and patient trials. The Ekso, Indego®, and ReWalk provide another form of training for walking that includes the newest technology to assist an individual with a spinal cord injury, stroke, or lower extremity weakness. The initial technology was developed for use in the military and is now being applied to health care.

The Ekso GT
Ekso GT is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that enables individuals to stand up and walk over ground with a full weight bearing, reciprocal gait in a rehabilitation setting. Ekso GT is the first robotic exoskeleton to be granted clearance for rehabilitation purposes for use with patients who have had a stroke or spinal cord injury depending on clinical limitations outlined in the approved labeling. This broader clearance means that clinics using the Ekso GT are able to offer exoskeletal therapy to the widest patient population among all exoskeletons on the market. The Ekso GT is currently available for use in the clinical setting only.

Indego® is a powered lower limb exoskeleton enabling people with spinal cord injuries to walk and participate in over-ground gait training.

ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright, walk, and turn. The system provides user-initiated mobility through the integration of a wearable brace support, a computer-based control system and motion sensors. The system allows independent, controlled walking while mimicking the natural gait patterns of the legs. The ReWalk technology is designed for potential all-day use at home, at work, and in the community.

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Services for Veterans

Magee is also committed to provide veterans with disabilities access to these highly innovative, technologically advanced robotic devices to assist them with their therapy and functional recovery.

An Ekso GT has been generously donated to Magee by SoldierStrong, a veteran non-profit organization committed to providing our nation’s injured heroes with advanced rehabilitative and prosthetic devices.

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