Magee Rehab Think First Video

Think First, the National Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program, is an award-winning public education effort targeting teens and young adults. Think First is presented at junior and senior high schools at no charge. The program begins with this high-energy video in which people describe their experiences as disabled trauma survivors.

A brief anatomy discussion is then given, showing what parts of the body can be affected by these injuries. The program also includes speakers who have had traumatic injuries and can speak about their own experiences with the injury and rehabilitation processes. The program is designed to be interactive, allowing students to participate by volunteering to help demonstrate the lessons, or by asking questions. Think First stresses prevention and “thinking first” in order to avoid permanent brain and spinal cord injuries. The main message of the Think First program is that young people can have a fun, exciting life while taking precautions to avoid injury.

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