Happy 60th Anniversary, Magee!

On March 9, 1958, Magee Rehabilitation changed healthcare in Philadelphia by admitting its first patient. Let’s see how far we’ve come in 60 years…

Sixty years ago, Magee Rehabilitation opened its doors and started a journey that would change healthcare in Philadelphia. Since then, Magee has continued to innovate, offering exceptional staff, comprehensive patient programs, state-of-the-art technology, and cutting-edge resources that have seen patients through some of the greatest challenges they have ever faced. As Magee endeavors on 60 more years of inspired, intelligent, and holistic care, we maintain our signature ‘can do’ attitude and thank all of those who have made—and continue to make— what we do possible. 

Magee celebrated its 60th birthday with a cake for everyone to enjoy

So, how exactly did the Magee of today come to be? Well, a lot can happen in 60 years. Here’s a timeline of Magee’s development over the past six decades:

  • March 9, 1958: Magee welcomes its first patient

  • 1962: First major renovation → created a fifth floor to the facility. Resulted in Activities of Daily Living floor with simulated environments to practice self care skills

  • 1975: Further expansion of services by purchasing space for PT/OT outpatient services, on the 5th floor of the Bellet Building. Year later built walkway to connect to main building

  • 1978: Established Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center – One of fourteen in the US.

  • 1980: Official institutional name change to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

  • 1983: Completed major expansion project (west wing), increasing patient capacity from 66 to 96 – Additional beds specifically devoted to treating SCI patients

  • 1985: Became the first certified brain injury rehabilitation program to be accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

  • 1987: Outpatient Therapy opens in South Philadelphia

  • 1992: Opened the Amputee Day Hospital

  • 1993: Jerry and Carolyn Segal Center for Community Skills opens. Called “Segal Street” by staff members, the 6th floor indoor/outdoor facility offers a variety of real-world on the street challenges.

  • 1994: “Think First” Program launches

  • 1998: Magee Rehabilitation Hospital formally joined the Jefferson Health System.

  • 2000: Adam Taliaferro injury increases fundraising for wheelchair sports programs

  • 2007: Concierge Services begins

  • 2014: Jefferson Health System dissolves

  • 2017: Creative Therapy Center and healing Garden opens and begin renovations for 80 private patient rooms; corporate Offices move to Suburban Station

  • 2018: Magee Rehabilitation joins Jefferson Health

The view from Magee’s rooftop Creative Therapy Center & Healing Gardens in 2018, just one of the projects supported by contributions to the hospital.

As a non-profit, charitable hospital, Magee’s continued growth and success relies on donations to help our patients achieve better outcomes. Contributed support helps Magee purchase new equipment, send staff for continuing education, provide art, horticultural and recreation therapy, operate the outpatient Gaspar Center, manage wheelchair sports programs, and so much more!

To support Magee and its programs, please contact giving@mageerehab.org or click here to make your gift today.

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