Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is a brilliant adaptation to an incredible game. Almost nothing is changed from the rules of able-bodied Tennis. Athletes use the same courts, racquets, and balls to compete; the only modification is a rule allowing a second bounce before a person in a wheelchair must return the ball. Since wheelchair tennis is so close to able-bodied tennis, athletes can practice and compete with friends and family who may or may not use wheelchairs. For more information about wheelchair tennis visit www.usta.com/Adult-Tennis/Wheelchair-Tennis/Wheelchair/.

Magee Freedoms Practice Location: Cherry Hill Racquet Club (1820 Old Cuthbert Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034)

Interested in joining the Magee Freedoms or attending a practice? Contact Magee’s Wheelchair Sports Coordniator at sports@mageerehab.org or (215) 587-3412.

Upcoming Tournament:
Magee Freedom Tournament – August 7-10 2015