Facility Dog Program

The facility dog works with a therapist to help you meet your goals

Facility dogs are carefully bred and expertly trained dogs that partner with a facilitator in a professional setting, like Magee, to assist patients with achieving their therapy goals. Facility dogs work side-by-side with trained professionals to engage patients in sessions designed to improve functional outcomes, stimulate healing and recovery, and provide comfort and unconditional love.

While many healthcare facilities may have animals visit with patients, these animals are generally handled by volunteers and are not used to help patients meet specific, planned treatment goals. Through Magee’s Facility Dog Program, the treatment providers are health and human service professionals and patient outcomes are documented and measured.

The Facility Dog Program at Magee is generously supported by the Casey Feldman Foundation, Katie’s Fund, The Samuel P. Mandell Foundation, the Ruth Widmer Fund, the Anapol Weiss Foundation and individual donors.