Health and Wellness Center

Programs are geared toward promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Magee Rehabilitation Health and Wellness Center located in the Magee Riverfront Outpatient Center serves the diverse needs of former patients, current outpatients and members of the community who seek a convenient wellness location. Programs are geared toward promoting healthy and active lifestyles, and include a variety of services such as inclusive yoga, massage, MS and Osteoporosis exercise groups. Working side by side, able-bodied individuals and those with disabilities can share common health goals, fulfilling Magee Rehabs vision of outreach to the entire community.

Magee Rehab Health and Wellness Center has state of the art equipment to help people reach their fitness goals. Treadmills, free weights, elliptical, arm bike and NuStep® (a cross between a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine), accompany more specialized equipment such as the RTI-300 and RTI-200 electrical stimulation bikes, MOTOmed, multi-fitness resistance band trainer, total gym and our newest addition, the Equalizer stacked weight upper-body trainer.

Magee Wellness Trainers are in place to help participants use the equipment effectively and safely. Whether the goal is strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, balance or independence, the Wellness Center has all the equipment to meet your needs.

Wellness is multidimensional. Beyond the obvious physical aspects, the importance of social connections, maintaining emotional stability and balancing life’s responsibilities with leisure activities, all combine to keep us healthy and vital. Magee Rehab is here to help all in the community who wish to pursue mind and body wellness, to do so in an individualized way.

The location is convenient, the parking is free and the staff is responsive to everyone’s needs.

Magee’s 20,000 square foot Therapy and Wellness Center provides opportunities for all important health factors to be explored, utilized and blended together in ways that work for individual members. The Wellness Center is open to those the community who wish to pursue mind and body wellness in an individualized way.

For further information about Magee’s Health and Wellness Center (including rates) or to schedule a tour, please contact our Wellness staff at 215-218-3900 or email

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