What To


What to Bring

What should I bring before being admitted?

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What Will My Day Include?

What should I expect my day to be like at Moss-Magee?

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Patient Services

What patient services should I expect after I get to Moss-Magee?

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Hospital Services

What else should I expect when I get admitted?

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A Patient


The process begins with a referral to the Moss-Magee Admissions Department.


During this evaluation, the Moss-Magee liaison can help patients to discover if rehabilitation is appropriate at that time.


When the admission has been approved the acute care hospital will make transportation arrangements.


We recommend that a family member or other support person attend on the day of admission.


Health Insurance

No one plans to  have a family member in the hospital.  Health insurance can cover these costs and may offer many other important benefits.  Knowing what questions to ask and understanding the differences between insurance plans will help you choose the right plan for you.

The Next Chapter

Leaving Magee

You and your family will be notified in advance about the day and time of your hospital discharge. You should not leave the hospital before being formally discharged by your physician. The Magee team will work closely with you and your family to set up an individualized discharge plan.