Stroke Support

Stroke Family CARE Group: A place for Stroke Patients, their families, and loved ones to meet and talk with specially-trained stroke survivors and their families. These knowledgeable Stroke Peer Mentors and Family Peer Mentors can offer you needed information, resources, reassurance, and helpful practical tips. Meetings are held at Magee Rehabilitation at 5:30 PM on the third Wednesday of each month. Individual mentoring may also be arranged. For more information, call 215-587-3411 or email

Stroke Peer Mentor Program: For more information about having a stroke peer meet with you or to become a stroke peer, call 215-587-3411 or email

Wendekos Stroke Club: This group is held at Magee at 11:00 AM on the first Tuesday of each month. For more information, call 215-587-3180 or email

Support groups and services have been meeting virtually, via Zoom, during the pandemic. Details on resuming in-person gatherings will be forthcoming. For more information, contact the individuals listed or check back at this page.

Stroke Caregiver Education
All too often, caregivers place their own needs last. We believe that the caregiver must ensure their own self care needs are met, so that they can them meet the needs of the care recipient. We are hopeful the links below will assist you with that.

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Stroke Symptoms
Stroke Risk Factors
Types of Stroke and Treatment
Effects of a Stroke
Life after a Stroke
Prevention of a Stroke
Recovery After a Stroke
Help and Support
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Stroke Advocacy