Code of Ethics

Code of ethics, serving the needs of patients, families and health care professionals

In order to fully meet the standards established by Magee Rehabilitation Hospital’s Mission Statement, Magee staff will carry out their duties in an ethical manner.

Magee staff shall carry out their duties in accordance with:

  • the ethical standards established by their respective professions.
  • Magee’s Patient Bill of Rights.
  • the Code of Conduct as stated in the Magee Rehabilitation Staff Handbook.
  • the policies, procedures, rules and regulations established by Magee Rehabilitation.
  • the Jefferson Health System Code of Conduct


Magee Rehabilitation is a non-profit corporation established for the treatment and care of the physically and cognitively disabled. Any individual, fourteen years of age or older, who meets the criteria set by Magee Rehabilitation, is eligible for admission regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or national origin.

Clinical Decision Making

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital supports the integrity of clinical decision making. Care givers order and/or provide tests, treatments and other interventions based on the needs of individual patients regardless of how the hospital compensates or shares financial risk with its leaders, managers, clinical staff, and licensed independent practitioners.

Patient Transfer

When Magee Rehabilitation cannot meet the request or need for care because of our incapacity to do so or because of a conflict with our mission or philosophy, the patient may be transferred to another facility when medically permissible. When medically permissible, the patient will be transferred to another facility only after the patient or patient’s next-of-kin or other legally responsible representative has received complete information and an explanation concerning the needs for and alternatives to such a transfer. (Prior notification may not be possible in cases of medical emergency). The institution to which the patient is to be transferred must first have accepted the patient for transfer.

Patient Discharge

Patients will be discharged from Magee Rehabilitation programs based on their medical status as determined by their attending physician. Decisions to discontinue treatment are not based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin or reimbursement for services rendered.

Billing Practices

Magee Rehabilitation invoices patients or third parties only for services actually provided to the patients. Magee Rehabilitation respectfully provides assistance to patients seeking to understand the cost relative to their care. We attempt to resolve questions and objections to the satisfaction of the patient while considering the institution’s best interest as well.

Marketing Practices

Magee Rehabilitation marketing materials, presentations and contacts fairly and accurately represent our capabilities and ourselves. We will not misrepresent our capabilities to any members of the public.

Relationships between Magee Rehabilitation, staff members, other healthcare providers, educational institutions and payers.
Relationships between Magee Rehabilitation, staff members, other healthcare providers, educational institutions and payors are initiated and conducted in a manner that is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and professional and industry standards. Conflict of interest is avoided at all levels of the organization.

Suspected violations of this Code of Ethics may be reported to supervisors, any member of the Ethics Advisory Committee or the Compliance Officer.