Art Therapy is Growing at Magee Riverfront!

Thanks to generous donor support, the Magee Art Therapy department is expanding at the Magee Riverfront Outpatient Therapy and Wellness Center. A new studio has been constructed as the dedicated space to continue the healing work of art therapy! Magee has been at the forefront of holistic patient care in the area of cognitive and physical rehabilitation.  Engaging in art therapy at the outpatient level means a person is able to explore his or her overall wellbeing through the creative process and compliment rehabilitative goals.

Along with a new studio space, Magee is happy to introduce Alexandra Shaikh as its new art therapist at the Riverfront facility. Alexandra received her Master of Art Therapy degree from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. She previously researched and published on the intersection of art and the brain at the Indiana University Neuroscience Center and, as an intern at the St. Vincent Hospital Stress Center, developed an art therapy program.

As the art therapy program grows, we’re proud to offer art therapy services free of charge to Magee patients and wellness gym clients at the Riverfront! Community members interested in art therapy to support their personal development and rehabilitation may call Alexandra at (215) 587-3381 or email for further information.

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