Cool App Alert: AbleRoad

When you hear “AbleRoad” what comes to mind? A new type of highway? Maybe a new GPS company? Or a self-driving car?  Well, actually, it’s none of the above. Here at Magee, we’ve shared the coolest new mobile apps designed for people living with disabilities, and we have discovered another one called — you guessed it — AbleRoad.

AbleRoad is a website and mobile app that aims to help people with disabilities learn about the accessibility of spaces and places in their communities. With a few clicks, you can find out how accessible public places in your area are based on reviews provided with others with disabilities, their caregivers and families.

screen568x568 (1)AbleRoad was founded by Kevin McGuire, a wheelchair user who was tired of venturing out to a public place only to find out it wasn’t accessible. One thing that makes AbleRoad different from some of the other apps we have featured is how extensive the review process is. Users can rate venues based not only on wheelchair/mobility accessibility, but also ease of access for people with visual, hearing and cognitive impairments. As if that wasn’t cool enough, AbleRoad is also connected with Yelp so users can see Yelp reviews alongside the accessibility review.

As more people use AbleRoad while traveling within and outside their countries, it will become easier and easier to know which places are accessible and which ones to avoid — and best of all, it will be right at your fingertips!  Check out the video below to learn more and see the app in action. The app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. And don’t forget to start reviewing — the more people involved, the better the info!


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