Creative Arts Therapy Week: The Latest from Magee’s Art Studio

It’s Creative Arts Therapy Week, and our rooftop Creative Therapy Center is bustling with activity! This week, we are reflecting on how lucky we are to have Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Dance Movement Therapy available for our patients. Let’s take a minute to shine the spotlight on our fabulous Art Therapy program to highlight some new happenings:


On your next visit to Magee, we invite you to stop in on our sixth floor and LOOK UP!  Our patients have been busy making their marks on our walls (literally) through the creation of beautifully painted tiles for the Art Studio ceiling.

One completed ceiling tile from the Look Up! project

The Look UP! project began in the Art Studio; however, it is catching on quick! Our hope is to have the patient-created inspirational ceiling tiles peppered throughout the hospital in patient rooms above the beds and in the therapy gyms. Patients are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for their personalized tiles, but our expert Art Therapist, Julie Nolan, is always ready and willing to lend a hand to the creative process when needed! 


On a giant canvas in the Art Studio lives another opportunity for people to make a unique impression at Magee. The BELIEVE Board provides a channel through which people can share their stories and express themselves in a way that all future guests will be able to enjoy. Patients, staff, and visitors are invited to contribute to the BELIEVE Board. The intention of the project is to fill the canvas with color, texture, and immense amounts of creativity! The BELIEVE Board will be displayed on the sixth floor when it’s complete. 



Magee is proud to have two Art Therapists on staff as part of our clinical team. These professionals provide service to our inpatient, outpatient, and wellness programs, and they are Master’s degree-prepared clinicians who work to enrich the lives of people of all ages and ability levels.

So, why do we love Art Therapy? At Magee, our goal is to heal not just the body, but the whole person.  Through the creative process and active art-making, Art Therapy engages the mind, body, and spirit. Patients are able to participate in therapeutic activities that utilize alternative ways of self-expression untethered by language or the ability to speak.

For more information on Art Therapy please visit the American Art Therapy Association or read more about Art Therapy on the Magee website.

And to all the Creative Arts Therapists out there, we thank you! 


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