Help Magee Win $10k for Patient & Community Programs!

For the past several weeks, Magee has been battling it out in the  Business Journal’s Social Madness competition. Social Madness is a one-of-a-kind competition that measures a company’s social media engagement.  We made it past Round 1, then Round 2 and then Round 3 – and we are now in the Philadelphia Finals. And while we have been able to breeze through the other rounds on our social engagement alone, what we need now are votes. And lots of them.

Why does winning a social media competition matter? Well, the winner of this national competition wins $10,000 to donate to the charitable organization of their choice. If we win, Magee is approved to donate that money back into our 100% donor-funded patient programs. And that can do a whole of of good.

But before we make it to nationals, we have to win Philly – and that’s where you come in. We need your votes! You can vote once a day every day here – Magee is in the medium category. As you can tell, we have a long way to go – but we have until July 8 to catch up.

If you’re not sure, let us tell you what you’re voting for. You’re voting for funding for our community wheelchair sports program, which provides all players with the equipment they need at no cost to them. You’re voting for supplies for our art and horticultural therapy programs, like adaptive tools, paint, plants and more. You’re voting for our support groups and peer mentors, who help people adjust to life after injury or illness, offering them encouragement and hope to believe in a way back.

So please vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same. That second of your time every morning from now through July 8 could mean all the difference.



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