Team Magee at the Papal Visit

The Pope is now back in Italy, but that’s after a whirlwind tour of Philadelphia with masses, parades, and concerts all taking place in Magee’s backyard. Team Magee was up to the challenge of preparing for this once in a lifetime event. For months, committees thoughtfully planed for staffing, supplies, security, and fun activities to make the weekend as safe and enjoyable as possible for patients, families, and staff. Team Magee slept at the hospital from Thursday through this morning to ensure adequate staffing throughout the event. When they weren’t working, staff sang karaoke, danced, played ping pong, practiced yoga, and even watched an Eagles win on the big screen! A few members of Team Magee took time to join in the Papal Visit festivities, with photos in the slideshow below.

Many thanks to all members of Team Magee who helped make Papal Visit weekend a success!

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