The Creative Therapy Center & Healing Gardens will transform the rooftop at Magee!

These are exciting times at Magee as our plans to transform the rooftop in to our Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens are almost final and construction is set to begin in July! We started talking about this project in 2011 when our President & CEO Dr. Jack Carroll came up with the idea to build a Healing Garden. Since then, it has developed in to a much larger project that will change the way we deliver care to our patients.

Having spent way too much time in the hospital last year as a patient, I cherished every minute I could spend outside on our rooftop and was happy to just be away from my hospital room. To know that this project will enable our patients to do occupational, physical, recreational, and speech therapy outside in the sunlight was enough to excite me. Adding on new areas like an Art Therapy Studio and Gallery, Meditation Garden & Spirituality Center, and a Three Seasons Therapy Area will help us to do even more for patients and families, and that’s excited lots of people besides me, including:

  • Patients and family members who will have beautiful spaces to gather, relax, eat, talk, reflect, or just hang out, outside of their hospital room, surrounded by sun, flowers, and plants
  • Staff members who now will have a new place to take their patients and new opportunities to better prepare them for their discharge to the community
  • Our Board members, leadership staff, doctors, and generous donors who have already committed $1.56 million dollars to support this project!

We’ve been very fortunate to have this great support and hope that YOU will consider supporting this project as well. Our team would love to show you around, share the designs with you, and help you to understand how your investment can help change lives. We’re a small hospital trying to complete the largest fundraising campaign we have ever done and welcome gifts of all sizes to help us reach our fundraising goal of $2 million.

Send me an email at  or call me at 215-587-3226, and we can arrange a visit. I promise I’ll do all that I can to help you realize the impact that your investment in the Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens can make.

P.S. Be on the lookout for our Can Do! magazine next month that will have a feature story on the Creative Therapy Centers and Healing Gardens.

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