The Financial Implications of Living with a Disability

Anyone who is living with a disability knows one of the biggest struggles isn’t physical — it’s financial. Using data from the National Disability Institute, CNN Money put together an infographic on the financial implications of living with a disability. This infographic paints a picture of the cycle that leads many people living with disabilities to struggle to make ends meet. It’s this cycle that makes organizations like Help Hope Live, which helps people pay for medical bills and treatments, so important.

Check out the infographic below, and let us know what you think.  How have you dealt with these challenges? Do you have any advice for others in this situation?



And it starts early on…




Less education, on top of physical or mental impairments, makes it hard to find work or maintain a full-time job…




Which in turn, makes it difficult to earn enough to get by…









The poverty rate of Americans with disabilities is more than double the rate of those without disabilities, and many disabled people are forced to rely on the government for assistance.





That makes it nearly impossible to save for the future…







Data: National Disability Institute
Images: Shutterstock
Infographic: Blake Ellis and Gwen Sung/CNNMoney

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