The Innovation Center: Moving Magee Forward

We opened our Innovation Center at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital to be a catalyst for continuous innovation. Our Innovation Center is a place where staff is inspired to think beyond the ordinary and solve problems in a new way. It is where we work to make the delivery of healthcare more compassionate, less complicated, more affordable, more predictable, and always state-of-the-art.

“Who knows more about what could improve processes, reduce waste and costs, and increase safety than those that see our patients and use our systems and processes every day,” said Travis Gathright, Chief Information and Infrastructure Officer and Corporate Compliance Officer at Magee. “Our staff’s creative solutions can be the answer to improved efficiency, quality, employee engagement, and customer service.”

The Innovation Center web portal has been live since March, and the Innovation Center committee is currently tracking 33 ideas. These include service delivery suggestions, green initiatives, communication strategies, and technology advances. Some of the ideas are now in testing and development phases.

The web portal is accessible by staff on the Magee intranet, and paper innovation forms are available outside of Human Resources for all to share their ideas. When an idea is submitted, someone from the Innovation Center briefly connects with person who submitted the idea.  The Innovation Center team meets every two weeks, and reviews all of the ideas every meeting.  The team works toward getting ideas activated as projects.  When someone submits an idea, the team keeps them up-to-date on a regular basis about where things stand with their idea coming to fruition.

Share your ideas, and encourage others to do the same.


Ideas submitted to the Innovation Center

Top: Travis Gathright and Meg Rider greet employees outside the Dining Room to gather new ideas for the Innovation Center.

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