Patient Services

Moss-Magee’s Guest Relations and Concierge Services team are here to support you and your family during your stay. Please contact Concierge Services at 215-587-3180 or for more information about or to arrange any of the services below.

Absentee Ballots/Voter Registration Forms
If you are unable to attend your polling place in person on Election Day, you may be eligible to vote by absentee ballot. Please contact Concierge Services for registration forms and ballots.

Check the weekly and monthly activities flyer located on bulletin boards for updates on ongoing events including Rock n’ Roll BINGO, live music performances, karaoke, crafts, pizza party night, movie nights and sports on the big screen.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
A 24-hour Ardent Credit Union cash machine is located in the 2nd floor dining room.

Barber and Beauty Services
Area barbers and beauticians come to Moss-Magee for the convenience of our patients. There is a fee that varies, depending on the service provided. Appointments may be scheduled through Concierge Services or the secretary at the nursing unit.

Celebrations, Holidays and Family Gatherings
COVID-19 modification to Gatherings – our policy currently permits one visitor at a time, we are temporarily pausing family gatherings of more than 1 visitor and the patient. Please contact Concierge Services for more information.

Center City Restaurant Pick-Up and Delivery Service
If you have a special dining request during your stay, we are able to bring many of the finest Center City restaurants to you. We can deliver your order on a rolling table with linen table cloth, china, silverware and beverages. The only fee you incur is from the restaurant for the meal and delivery. Please contact Concierge Services for more information.

Dry Cleaning Service
We suggest Riff Cleaners, 105-7 N. 15th Street. For information call them directly at 215-561-3138 for pick-up or delivery.

Guest relations and concierge services can provide a number of additional services for you to remove the burden from your family and friends. Please contact Concierge Services to arrange:

  • Courier, grocery and gift pick-up
  • Phone cards, post office
  • Department stores
  • Banking, dry cleaners

Moss-Magee staff follows the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in health and healthcare and provide language assistance services and interpreters at no cost to patients. We also provide sign language interpreters upon request. Your case manager can arrange these services for you. Please inform the admissions office or your case manager as soon as possible if you will require these services.

Lab services are contracted through Brookside Labs. Technicians are on site 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekends and holidays. Blood is drawn at set times, but urgent labs may be run at any time, day or night, if needed. Response time for orders is within one hour of the scheduled time, and results are in the hands of physicians within one hour of their availability.

Legal Clinic for the Disabled (LCD)
LCD is a non-profit organization housed within Moss-Magee that provides free legal services to low-income individuals with physical disabilities. LCD has more than 25 years of experience working with people with disabilities to help them overcome legal obstacles that might otherwise affect their health, independence, safety or quality of life.

Magee partners with LCD to offer these services to eligible patients on a range of legal issues, including planning documents (powers of attorney and living wills). Patients who think they might need legal services should talk to their case manager about a referral.

Lodging: Hotel Discounts and Friends of Jerry Segal Housing Fund

Hotel Discounts
There are several hotels located near Moss-Magee. Pet-friendly properties are subject to availability. Please see our Pet Visitation section below regarding bringing your pet to visit at Magee. You may directly book discounted rooms at the following hotel partners:

Friends of Jerry Segal Housing Fund
In addition to discounted hotel options, the Friends of Jerry Segal Housing Fund was established to provide housing for immediate caregiver family members of those patients who visit Moss-Magee from long distances. Interested participants need to fill out an application, which is reviewed for eligibility, before a reservation can be made. The discounted rate is provided for the immediate caregiver family members for a set number of nights, while the patient is at Moss-Magee. Applications for consideration may be obtained from Moss-Magee clinical liaisons or case manager.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy services are available to patients upon approval by their physiatrist. Please contact concierge services to coordinate approval. Once approved, patients or family may schedule appointments directly with a credentialed, licensed practitioner. Patients can choose from various forms of healing touch including Reiki, Comfort Touch, Myofascial Release and Swedish Deep Tissue Massage. Patients are responsible for payments to the practitioner for services rendered. Please note practitionerโ€™s scheduling and cancellation policies.

Medical Services
Medical Services are available 24/7. There is always at least one physician on-site.

Local newspapers are delivered to patient floors daily and can be brought directly to your room. Additional copies are in the main lobby. Publications in languages other that English are available by contacting Concierge Services.

Notary Service
Certain affidavits, deeds and powers of attorney may not be legally enforceable without notarization. Notary services can be provided for legal documents including wills, deeds and trusts, medical documents and power of attorney. Notary services are provided free of charge.

Parking is available during visiting hours in the Moss-Magee parking lot. The entrance is on Cherry Street, just before 16th Street. If you have questions about free parking, please discuss with your case manager. Several commercial parking facilities are within a few blocks โ€“ please ask Guest Relations or Concierge Services for a list. Moss-Magee is convenient to all forms of public transportation. Reminder for visitors: do not leave any belongings visible in your vehicle.

Pet Visitation
COVID-19 modification to pet visitation: Service animals are permitted. All other pet visitation is suspended until further notice. Please check with your case manager for an update.

Moss-Magee has an on-site pharmacy for inpatients that is open 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends and holidays. After hours, additional pharmacy coverage is provided through Jefferson, and courier service is available 24/7 for critical medications. Pharmacists respond to physician orders within one hour, and medications are available to patients shortly thereafter.

Phone and Television
To make your stay more pleasant, in-room telephones and television are available for your use. There is no charge for television service, which includes Comcast cable access. The cost for TV service has been underwritten by a charitable donation from the Friends of Jerry Segal. Please refer to your Guest Book or ask Concierge Services for the current channel lineup.

Postal Services
Mail is delivered to each nursing unit Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Letters arriving after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address. Postage stamps and mail receptacles are available at no cost, and you can give outgoing mail to a member of the nursing staff who will place your mail in the unitโ€™s outgoing mail box, which is located in the front nursing station for daily pickup by the mail clerk.

Private Duty Nurses
Information concerning private duty nursing services is available through case management. Private duty nurses are not Magee employees. They work independently or for agencies. Fees for their services are paid directly to them or the agencies by patients or their families.

X-ray services are contracted through Mobilex-USA and are available on-site. Routine and Stat orders are completed when received by the on-site technician.  Results are available to physicians within four hours for routine orders and within two hours for Stat images. Patients are transported off-site if more advanced diagnostic imaging, such as a CT scan or MRI, is necessary.

Skype and Video Calls
Please contact Concierge Services to arrange private video calls with family and friends.

Spiritual Care Services
Patients are welcome to invite their personal spiritual or pastoral clergy to Moss-Magee at any time during their stay. For further information about spiritual needs, or to meet with our spiritual care provider, please contact 215-587-3186. Persons of all faiths, and no faith practice, are welcome. The Spirituality Center and Meditation Garden help bring peace, solace and support to patients and family members. Worship Services are held in the 6th floor Spirituality Center. Check the weekly calendar for location and times.

Vending Machines
Snack and soda vending machines are located in the back of the 2nd floor dining room. If a machine is not working properly, please contact the number posted on the machine.

Visiting Hours

Click here for Moss-Mageeโ€™s Visitor Policy, which is subject to change due to the pandemic.

Wireless Network WiFi
Patients, family members and guests can enjoy wireless internet in patient rooms and waiting areas throughout the hospital. Patients may stay connected with family and friends during their stay, and the wireless network allows guests to surf the web, check email and chat with friends and family on their personal laptop computers. To request access, please ask your nurse or Concierge Services.

Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens

The Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens, is located on the 6th floor of the main hospital. There are multiple, outdoor, semi-private rooftop garden areas for patients and visitors to reflect and relax along with areas for family and small group events. The Gardens are accessible to patients in wheelchairs and visitors with disabilities who experience mobility impairments due to partial or total paralysis. Cut-outs to the perimeter wall have transformed into Windows to the City, viewable from a seated wheelchair vantage point. Patient physical, occupational and recreational rehabilitation goals are furthered through the creation of three-season therapy facilities.

Art Studio and Patient Art Galleries
Art Therapy Studio brings patients, family members, and other therapists together in ways that had not been possible before. We have two Art Therapy Galleries to showcase the beautiful art that our patients create. Art Therapy is part of our Clinical Outreach Program, and part of the healing process for patients. Individual patients, assisted by the art therapist, use all forms of art and the creative process of making art to improve and enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Healing Gardens and Greenhouse
What started as โ€œa healing gardenโ€ grew to five different healing gardens, all growing beautiful plants and flowers, with fun water features, changing the entire look of the outdoor space on the roof. In addition to the gardens, there are multiple raised, accessible planter beds that are tended to by Moss-Magee Horticulture Therapist. These new spaces complement the renovated Greenhouse built in 1994 that supports Horticultural Therapy provided to patients.

Three Seasons Therapy Area and Resource Center
The Three Seasons Therapy Area, with its glass garage doors, big screen TV, and fireplace, as well as the Patient Resource Center, with books, DVDโ€™s and computer access, are also providing more spaces for patients to enjoy sunlight, while getting away from the typical hospital room setting.

Segal Street
One of the most active places on the 6th floor rooftop has always been Segal Street, named after Moss-Mageeโ€™s longtime benefactor and former patient, Jerry Segal. Jerry helped create a city streetscape on the roof back in the 1990s so patients could experience real-life examples of what life after discharge would be like.
As a part of The Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens renovation, Segal Street received two new curb cuts, multiple new surfaces for patients to walk or wheel on, a new car, and a two-level ramp.

Spirituality Center and Meditation Garden
The Spirituality Center and Meditation Garden help bring solace and support to patients and family members. Worship Services are held in the 6th floor Spirituality and Support Center. Check the weekly calendar for location and times.