Wheelchair Clinic

The wheelchair, seating and equipment clinic at Magee Rehabilitation offers clients with disabilities multiple seating and mobility services.

The wheelchair, seating and equipment clinic at Magee Rehabilitation offers clients with disabilities multiple seating and mobility services. Client’s and therapists work together to make decisions regarding the most appropriate mobility and positioning equipment available to achieve maximal independence with activities of daily living. Magee does not sell medical equipment, therefore we work with Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DME), as a team, to provide the client with the equipment that will improve positioning, function and quality of life. We will work with a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier of the client’s choice or suggest one to provide the equipment best suited to meet the client needs.

During the client visit we will complete one or more of the following:

A Seating Evaluation: During the seating evaluation a postural assessment will be completed to determine what types of postural deficits exist. Based on this evaluation, we will recommend appropriate seating system components to correct these deficits if they are flexible or accommodate these deficits if they are fixed. We will recommend equipment that will help to improve balance and posture. We will also take measurements required to order the appropriate wheelchair and seating system.

In addition we have a computerized pressure mapping system that can be used to assess the most appropriate seat cushion and backrest for clients with existing skin issues or who are at risk for skin breakdown.

A Wheelchair Evaluation: A wheelchair evaluation consists of trialing manual or powered wheelchairs and seating equipment that have been established by the therapist and client to be most appropriate to meet the client’s functional and positioning needs. Magee has both manual and powered wheelchairs from many manufacturers available for trial purposes. Prior to trialing chairs, the physical and functional evaluation performed will help to appropriately identify the equipment that will allow the client to achieve the greatest level of independence with activities of daily living.

Upon determination of the appropriate type of wheelchair/equipment, paperwork is completed and signed by the client’s physician. The supplier will then submit the order to the client’s insurance carrier for approval. When the new equipment is received by the supplier, it is recommended that the client return to Magee for fitting and adjustment of the new equipment. This will be completed by both the therapist and a representative from the DME Company that was chosen.

Wheelchair Clinic is held at both our Riverfront (South Philadelphia) and Oxford Valley (Langhorne, PA) locations. For additional information including scheduling, please call 215-587-3032 for the Riverfront and 267-789-2914 for Oxford Valley.