The Discharge Process

When You Leave

You and your family will be notified in advance about the day and time of your hospital discharge. You should not leave the hospital before being formally discharged by your physician.

The Moss-Magee team will work closely with you and your family to set up an individualized discharge plan. Discharge time is typically 10:00 a.m. Please discuss with your case manager if you will require a later discharge time. On your discharge day, you will be taken to the main lobby exit. Any charges not covered by your insurance – such as the additional cost for a private room or telephone – are payable at the time of discharge or may be billed to you. If you find that you have left behind something in your room after discharge, please call your case manager.

Lifetime Follow-Up System of Care

Following inpatient treatment, your options may include outpatient therapy, day rehab, home care and/or follow-up appointments with your Moss-Magee physician. An outpatient case manager will be available to answer any questions you may have and to notify you of all follow-up appointments after discharge.

The Lifetime Follow-Up System of Care at Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation Hospital – Center City plays an important role providing services throughout a person’s lifetime. This System of Care provides patients and families with continued access to a rehabilitation physician and a team of expert rehabilitation professionals. The goal of this team is to help patients maintain or regain their level of physical function and good health. Case management is offered to coordinate each patient’s lifetime care needs.

All former Moss-Magee patients, as well as any person seeking service from Moss-Magee for the first time, is able to utilize this Follow-Up System to supplement primary care in the community. For further information on the Lifetime Follow-Up System, please call 215-587-3394.

EDGE Discharge Programming

EDGE stands for Education Discharge Group for Everyone. This informative discharge process is presented through videos accessible by patients and family on our website or in-room TV viewing. There are several different types of videos that are offered for caregivers, homecare, medications, insurance, nursing, therapy, transportation and more. All of these videos offer answers to questions that patients and family members may have come time for discharge.

Accessible Arts Directory and Community Resource Guide

At Moss-Magee, we have found that art therapy helps a lot of our patients cope with their life-altering injuries and better enhances their experience physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively. With all of the outcomes that this therapy can provide, we have put together a community directory guide of independent leisurely activities for patients to pursue after their stay at Moss-Magee. Though we have compiled a directory of available programs, we do not attest to the quality of the programs. Access the directory of available programs, please visit the Once You Are Home section under Caregivers and Patients on our website.

Patient Surveys

At Moss-Magee, your opinion counts. After your discharge, you will receive a satisfaction survey in the mail at home or via e-mail. Please take a few minutes to complete and return the survey. We use your feedback to recognize employees for a job well done and to improve our services for our patients. We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us. You will also be telephoned three-to-five days after your discharge so that we may ask you about how you have been doing since you left the hospital. Although this information is very helpful to us, you are under no obligation to provide it.

About 90 days after discharge, you will receive a call from an outside company, calling on behalf of Moss-Magee. A trained nurse will ask about your ability to perform certain activities. This information tells us whether the rehab we provided is still helping you to function at your highest level, well after your discharge. The nurse will also ask about your satisfaction with services. Again, we use this information to improve our programs.

Supporting Moss-Magee

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation Hospital – Center City is a non-profit, charitable hospital. Many of Moss-Magee’s programs and services rely entirely on contributed support. Art therapy, horticultural therapy, staff continued education and training, facility dog program, and patient resource center are just a few of these programs that are supported through donations and fundraising events. These events include golf outings, art receptions, silent auctions, and sit-down dinners.

Moss-Magee welcomes former patients, family and friends to support Moss-Magee as volunteers, event attendees and/or financial supporters. If you’re interested in volunteering at Moss-Magee, contact volunteer services at 215-587-3140 or If you’re interested in supporting Moss-Magee, contact the Development Department at or (215) 587-3090. Moss-Magee can be designated for United Way directed gifts by specifying Moss-Magee and donor choice code 402.

DAISY Award Nominations

DAISY Award is a program designed to recognize nursing staff with outstanding performance and display their clinical skills with compassion. Whether you are still a patient at Moss-Magee or are getting ready for discharge, nominations are always welcomed for our role models. By performing outstanding services through a caring attitude, establishing a connection with their patients and family members, and doing their best to educate their patients are only a few qualities that can set one outstanding nurse from another. For more information on the DAISY awards, please visit our website or ask your nurse.