Spinal Cord Injury Support

When the unimaginable happens to someone, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a future. Peer Mentors and support groups provide Patients and caregivers with a picture of what is possible, and share tips and resources that have helped them along the way. Peer Mentors are individuals who are living with a life-changing disability. Patients have the opportunity to talk with a Mentor who has a similar disability who is living a good life.

SCI Peer Mentoring – SCI Peers Mentors are trained volunteers who have learned to cope with their own spinal cord injuries. The peers are available to meet with you to answer questions regarding life after a spinal cord injury. SCI Peers have various levels of injury, as well as various life experiences. There is also a sub-specialty for Peers with a history of ostomy and wound issues. To request a peer consultation, or to volunteer as a mentor, call 215-587-3174 or email Marie.Protesto@jefferson.edu.

SCI Resource & Support Group – The SCI Resource & Support Group provides opportunities for individuals with spinal cord injuries, primarily outpatients, to reconnect around living life with a spinal cord injury. Inpatients are welcome to attend. The group is casual in nature offering educational, recreational, and supportive resources for individuals as well as for their families and friends. Meetings are held at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital at 6:00 PM on the Second Tuesday of each month. For more information, call 215-587-3174 or email Marie.Protesto@jefferson.edu.

SCI Family Peer Support Group – The Family Peer Support Group consists of specially trained families who have experienced the disability of a loved one. They share their experiences and insight with others who are in similar situations.

Family members and loved ones of individuals who have had a spinal cord injury are invited to attend. This group is open to families of inpatients and outpatients. Family Peer Counselors offer practical tips, resources and support for families of newly injured patients. Meetings are held at Magee Rehabilitation at 6:00 PM twice a month. Individual family matches can also be arranged. SCI Family PEER group meets two Wednesdays each month at 6:00 PM in room 571. For more information, call 215-587-3030 or email Ruth.Black@jefferson.edu.

Young Adult SCI Social Group – The Young Adult SCI Social Group gives young adults with spinal cord injuries access to recreation and leisure activities in a supportive environment. Members attend social outings every other month, enjoying trips to sports venues, dinners, museums and more. Outings are discussed and planned by group members at regular meetings.

The Young Adult SCI Social Group aims to increase feelings of independence and self-advocacy while decreasing anxiety among its members. To learn more about this group, please contact Joann Rudi, RN, CRRN, at 215-518-3912 or Joann.Rudi@jefferson.edu.

Support groups and services have been meeting virtually, via Zoom, during the pandemic. Details on resuming in-person gatherings will be forthcoming. For more information, contact the individuals listed or check back at this page.