Magee offers Health and Welfare plans that give employees peace of mind by names they can trust: Independence Blue Cross, OptumRX, Inc., Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, and Vision Benefits of America. Our benefits program is comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective and includes two choices of medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, a prescription plan, and a variety of voluntary benefits. The employee benefits program is designed to provide employees with a robust benefits package for obtaining better health and allows the employee to choose the best and most effective benefits plan to meet their needs.

Medical Plans

Magee Rehabilitation offers two medical plan options through Independence Blue Cross (IBC). A Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) that requires an individual to select a primary care physician (PCP), who coordinates care and a Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) does not require the employee to select a PCP or obtain referrals to see specialists.

Prescription Plan

OptumRX administers Magee Rehabilitation prescription pharmacy benefits, and employees may use any retail pharmacy. Employees may also reduce their out-of-pocket expense by using Jefferson Outpatient Pharmacies.

Magee’s Employee Pharmacy

Magee’s pharmacy benefit is administered in-house and retail. As an added advantage, employees can purchase prescription drugs at the Jefferson Outpatient Pharmacies in five locations and a drop- off/pick-up on site at your fingertips.

Dental Plans

Magee Rehabilitation offers dental insurance through Delta Dental.

Vision Plans

Magee Rehabilitation offers vision insurance through Vision Benefits of America.

Life Insurance

Life insurance as well as Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is offered to all employees. Magee Rehabilitation Hospital pays the premiums up to a certain amount based on employment status. Additional coverage can be purchased by employees.

Long Term Disability

The Long Term Disability plan is designed to provide a monthly payment equal to 50% of monthly salary up to $7,500 per month (less any social security benefits). An employee must be totally disabled for six months and approved by insurance company.

Short Term Disability

The Short-Term Disability plan is designed to partially replace income lost during periods of total disability from a covered injury or sickness resulting from a non-occupational cause. Benefits start after 13 weeks of total disability and all sick time has been exhausted. The benefit is 60% of weekly salary with a maximum of $300 per week and will be paid from the 14th through the 26th week of absence. Employees are able to purchase additional short-term disability insurance for the period between the start of the disability and the 14th week.


Through the 403(b) Plan, you will receive contributions from Magee equal to up to 5.5% of your pay:

Up to 1.5%: Magee will match 25% of the amount you contribute to the 403(b) – up to 6%
2%: Magee will contribute an additional 2%, no matter how much you contribute
2%: Magee may contribute another 2%, as it makes financial sense for the hospital

Tuition Assistance

Reimbursement is provided to employees for courses which are work-related or used within the organization.

Commuter Benefits

All full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate in the commuter benefits tax saving plan. Employees will be able to pay for the transit and parking cost through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. The allowable deduction for public transportation and parking is $255. The pass is mailed directly to your home on a monthly basis. Commuters who ride on SEPTA, PATCO, and New Jersey Transit can take advantage of this program.

Other Voluntary Benefits

• Legal Plan
• Term Life Insurance
• Short Term Disability Insurance
• Accident Indemnity Insurance 24-Hour Accident-Only Insurance
• Supplemental Cancer Indemnity Insurance

Paid Holidays

Full-time Employees 

All regular, full-time employees are entitled to six legal holidays that include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Part-time Employees 

All regularly scheduled part-time employees are entitled to six legal holidays that include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. However, the amount of hours paid for these holidays are based on budgeted hours worked from 40, but less than 80 bi-weekly.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Full-time Employees 

• All full time employees are granted Paid Time Off (PTO) days depending on employee group and length of service.
• All hourly, clerical, and support staff are non-exempt. Professional and management staff are exempted employees.

Part-time Employees 

• All part-time benefit eligible employees budgeted for at least 40 hours bi-weekly, but less than 80 hours will accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) on pro-rated bases.
• A part-time employee will accrue PTO based on hours worked up to the maximum number of PTO days accrued by a full-time budgeted position. Paid Time of (PTO) is granted depending employee group and length of service.
PTO will be used for: Vacation Time, Personal Time and Short-Term Sickness. The maximum allowable PTO bank will be one year equivalent for each person based on years of service.

Extended Illness Bank (EIB)

Full-time Employees 

• An Extended Illness Bank is granted to all full-time, regular employees as a benefit for payment when absent from work due to their own sickness or disability.
• Eligible employees accrue 10 EIB days per year. EIB days are carried over from year to year with no limits. An employee must use 2 PTO days prior to accessing their EIB bank.

Part-time Employees 

• All part-time benefit eligible employees who are budgeted for at least 20 hours per week will accrue EIB days on pro-rated bases.
• A part-time employee will accrue EIB days based on hours worked up to the maximum number of EIB days accrued by a full-time budgeted position.