Support Overview

When the unimaginable happens to someone, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a future. Peer Mentors and support groups provide Patients and caregivers with a picture of what is possible, and share tips and resources that have helped them along the way. Peer Mentors are individuals who are living with a life-changing disability. Patients have the opportunity to talk with a Mentor who has a similar disability who is living a good life.

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A support group is a place to learn about the resources available to you. Members help each other by sharing ideas and practical solutions to problems that you face daily. Rehabilitation professionals from Magee Rehabilitation bring to the group expertise in supporting an individual or care giver in accessing available community resources.

Peer Mentor Programs
The Peer Mentor Program at Magee consists of specially- trained volunteers who have survived a spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke or amputation and have learned to adjust to their disability. Peer Mentors are matched with patients based on level or type of injury, social situations, age, gender, marital status, recreational interests, and vocational experience. There are also specialty areas for peers with experience in ostomies and wounds. 

Magee also offers an addiction mentor program which is designed to offer those who struggle with addiction issues the opportunity to talk with an experienced addictions mentor. 

Mentoring relationships are encouraged to continue beyond Magee. Mentors can help with a variety of issues after discharge, such as:

  • Connecting families and patients to resources within the community (accessible doctors/dentists, recreational activities appropriate to the disability, travel and transportation guidance)
  • Providing emotional support during the transition from rehabilitation to the community, often a difficult time for both patients and families
  • If you, or your family member, does not wish to have a mentor while at Magee, you may ask for a mentor after discharge by contacting the mentor office. We also have various options for post-discharge support groups with mentors. 

Peer Support Groups
There are several peer support groups that are facilitated by volunteers or care givers who are living successfully with a disability. These diverse groups of peers offer personal experience in addition to providing support, reassurance and helpful, practical tips. 

Get in Touch
Call the Magee Peer Line at 215-587-3030 or email if you would like to receive more information about the Peer Mentor Program or Support Groups at Magee.