Asked Questions

When are visiting hours?

Please refer to our visitor policy for the most up-to-date information.

Can I bring children or pets to visit?

There are no restrictions on children visiting, other than they must be supervised.

Certain pets are allowed as visitors. If you would like to have a pet visit, you can discuss this with your case manager and provide veterinary records. Once records have been approved, the case manager will provide the guidelines for pet visits.

How long will the stay be?

Your length of stay will be determined by you and your treatment team depending on your medical status, your goals and your progress.

How much therapy is there per day?

Inpatient therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, recreation therapy and psychology are scheduled between the hours of 9:00 and noon, and 1:00 and 4:00. Some therapies may be scheduled outside of this time if there is a specific goal to be accomplished that is more appropriately addressed during bathing, grooming or meal time. Every inpatient receives, at a minimum, 15 hours of therapy service per week.

What therapies are offered?

The core therapies are physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy (if needed). additional therapies may include recreation therapy, art therapy, horticultural therapy and psychology.

What would a typical day look like?

All staff members at Moss-Magee are dedicated to providing you with the best care to meet your needs and goals.It is important that you receive the necessary amount of therapy each day so you may reach your greatest potential during your stay here. After admission, we will provide you with a schedule outlining your therapy times and assigned therapists for weekdays (Monday through Friday).

The morning starts around 7:00-7:30. After dressing and breakfast, the therapy day will start. While we make every effort to keep your schedule consistent from day to day, there may be times that we ask you to participate in weekend therapy sessions. Additional sessions may be scheduled to ensure that we are making progress toward your individual therapy goals.

Three hours of therapy (PT/OT/Speech) are provided each day, five days a week. Typical therapy hours are between 7:30 a.mโ€“4:00 pm. Therapy schedules may include Recreational therapy, Horticulture therapy and Art therapy as determined by your treatment team.

What happens on weekends?

Depending on the day of admission, therapy may be offered on the weekend. For those who miss therapy during the week, it is made up on the weekend. There is a schedule of optional activities available each weekend, such as a current movie, game nights or open art studio.

What about housing?

There are several hotels located near Moss-Magee. A listing of discounted rates at select hotels is available from Moss-Magee Clinical Liaisons, Case Managers or Moss-Magee Concierge representatives.

In addition to discounted housing options, the Jerry Segal Housing fund was established to provide housing for immediate family members of those in-patients who are coming to Moss-Magee from out of the area. Immediate family members who are approved to use the fund pay a reduced rate per night, with the remainder of the cost paid for by the Jerry Segal Housing Fund.

Participants need to fill out an application to be approved, which is reviewed before a reservation is made. Applications for consideration can be obtained from Moss-Magee Clinical Liaisons, Case Managers, or Concierge Services.

Restrictions include living more than 50 miles from Moss-Magee, and have a maximum stay length of 30 days. Reservations are based on availability.

Where will my family park?

Parking is available during visiting hours in the Moss-Magee parking lot. There is no charge for immediate family. Several commercial parking facilities are within easy walking distance. Moss-Magee is convenient to all forms of public transportation.

Are you close to public transportation?

Moss-Magee main campus, is within a few blocks of public transportation, including SEPTA regional rail (Suburban/Penn Station), the Broad Street subway (Race/Vine stop) and several buses, including the C, 2 and 27.

How tenured is staff?

Moss-Magee is an attractive employer, and so many staff members have worked with us for over five years and up to 35 years or more. When new clinical ย staff begin at Moss-Magee, they are assigned an experienced staff member as a โ€œbuddyโ€ for their first months in our setting. Please check with the managers of the unit where your loved one will be served for more detailed information about the staff on that unit.

Why choose Moss-Magee?

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What happens after inpatient stay is over?

After an inpatient stay, most typically patients receive therapies at home, or in an outpatient or full day rehab program.

I live a long distance away, what about outpatient services?

Moss-Magee treats patients both nationally and internationally. If receiving outpatient services at one of Moss-Magee outpatient network sites, then a more convenient outpatient provider, closer to home will be identified by our case managers and a referral will be made for them to provide care.

How many cases like ours have you seen/treated?

In any given year, Moss-Magee treats approximately 350 spinal cord patients, 250 stroke patients, 225 brain injury patients and 300 orthopedic and general rehab patients.

Are there doctors present around the clock?

Moss-Magee nursing and physician services are provided 24 hours per day.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

Moss-Magee is a real hospital, and because of that, is capable of handling many complex medical issues. ย In the case of a life threatening medical emergency, patients are initially treated by one of our advance life support (ALS) trained ย physicians, and then transferred to a Level 1 trauma center.

Are there private rooms available?

Our newly renovated and modern facility features all private patient suites.

What sort of technology do you offer?

Moss-Magee offers a number of state-of-the-art treatment options, ranging from walking and balance aids like locomotor training the Vector, and exoskeletons, to upper extremity robots like the the REO. Electrical stimulation treatment options are also used.

The Assistive Technology Center, also called Moss-Mageeโ€™s โ€œSmart Roomโ€, is located in Moss-Mageeโ€™s Spinal Cord Injury unit. Assistive technology equipment can help patients participate in the activities of daily living. Therapists provide evaluations to identify the best assistive technology for patients. Patients can also use assistive technology to access computers and the internet while at Moss-Magee.

What are your accreditation/national ranking?

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How are families involved and trained in rehab?

Families are encouraged to get involved in the rehab process, and are allowed to attend and participate in therapy sessions. ย Formal family and caregiver training is also offered before a patient is discharged.

How does someone get admitted?

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Will my doctor be able to visit me while at Moss-Magee?

While at Moss-Magee, your physician care will be provided by aMoss-Magee rehab doctor. ย All of our doctors are board certified in rehabilitation, and some have attained special sub-certification within their specialty. ย Internal medicine doctors and a large group of additional consulting doctors, from various medical centers also come to Moss-Magee for specialty consultations.