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General Information

Call 800-96-MAGEE for information about Magee services.

Everyday Business Calls:


Admissions Department

Call 215-587-3117 to schedule a tour or to arrange for an evaluation by a Magee clinical liaison.

Marketing, and Public Relations

Call 215-587-3090 for more information.


Contact Alexandra Hackett, Communications Manager: 215-847-9009 

Requesting Medical Records

If you are a Magee Rehabilitation Hospital patient and have questions regarding requests for copies of medical records, please contact the Release of Information staff, at 215-587-3331. The fax number is 215-977-7087.

Patient Rooms

Call 215-587-3000 for more information.

Follow-up System of Care

Call 215-587-3394 to schedule an appointment with a Magee rehabilitation physician (physiatrist).

Volunteers / Shadowing

To learn more about volunteering at Magee, click here.

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