"Words cannot express what a remarkable experience this was for me. I felt I had superior care 24 hours a day."

Why Choose Moss-Magee

Facts & Figures


One of 3 founding members of the Christopher & Dana Reeve NeuroRecovery network


First brain injury program in the US to be approved by CARF

Housing Program

The Friends of Jerry Segal Housing Fund was established to provide housing for immediate caregiver family members of those patients who visit Moss-Magee from long distances. Interested participants need to fill out an application, which is reviewed for eligibility, before a reservation can be made. The discounted rate is provided for the immediate caregiver family members for a set number of nights, while the patient is at Moss-Magee. Applications for consideration may be obtained from Moss-Magee clinical liaisons or case manager.

There are several hotels located near Moss-Mageee that offer a discounted Moss-Magee Friends rate, based on availability. A listing of discounted rates at select hotels is also available from Moss-Magee clinical liaisons, case managers or concierge services.

Guest Relations

Concierge Services

Patients in the hospital often miss the comforts of home. That is why Moss-Mageeโ€™s guest relations representatives and concierge staff, just like the staff at any fine hotel, work diligently to make both patients and their families comfortable. Moss-Mageeโ€™s guest relations team will exceed your expectations by doing whatever it takes to bring the comforts of home to the hospital.

The Guest Relations team is often expected to โ€œachieve the impossible,โ€ and they do every day. The guest relations staff is dedicated to fulfilling patientsโ€™ needs and acting as liaisons to any other departments and services within the hospital and in the greater community. They will help you find anything, anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 Things to Look for in your

Rehab Provider


Is the specific program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and The Joint Commission?

Specialized care

How many patients are admitted each year with this disability? How many are currently at the facility?

Physical set up of services

Is the hospital clean and have a good feel? Is the environment friendly? Is there a separate area (floor/building/wing) for someone with disability, or will they be treated with other types of patients? Is there a specialized therapy area? Are there any specialized programs or clinics offered for this type of injury? Are there primary PT and OTโ€™s assigned upon admission? Will they change? Are there resources for assistive technology? What form does this take?

Staff Experience

How experienced is the staff with this type of injury?

Physician Services

Is the physician in charge a Physiatrist (specialized Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor)? Is the physician board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) as well as certified in the sub-specialty of this type of injury? How long has the physician in charge been directing programs specializing in this type of injury? Is there physician coverage seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day?

Are there consultants available at the facility or nearby medical centers? Do they include neurosurgery, neurology, urology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neuropsychology, internal medicine, gynecology, speech pathology, pulmonary medicine, general surgery and psychiatry? Are psychologists onsite or an outside service? Are psychological sessions available for family members as well?

Nursing and Therapy Services

Is the nursing staff employed by the hospital or employed through an outside agency? Is there a primary nurse, or will the nurses change throughout the stay? Are therapists part of a team or department? Is physical and occupational therapy one-on-one with a therapist?

Daily Program

How many hours a day do patientโ€™s spend in PT and OT, and what is the schedule? What specialized equipment is available in the therapy areas? Are family members encouraged to participate in rehab programs? Will the treatment team develop a rehabilitation plan with short and long term goals? Will a case manager be assigned to coordinate treatment and act as a contact for staff and family members?

More than just rehab

What other types of specialty therapies or value added programs are available? (art therapy, music therapy, horticultural therapy, therapy dog, pet therapy) Are there peer mentor programs available? Are there support groups for the individual with the injury, as well as the caregivers?


Does the program participate in any form of research (basic science, clinical research, pharmacological or outcomes research)? Have they received any independent grant funding for research?

After discharge, what can be expected from the facility?

Does the inpatient Case Manager follow you after discharge?  What therapy is available after the inpatient stay is done?  Are there day programs? Outpatient programs?  Health and wellness center for people with a disability?  Is there a lifetime system of care?  Does it include physicians, nurses, therapy consults and case management?