March is Social Work Month

March is here which means it’s Social Work Month!

It may surprise some to know that every one of Magee’s case managers is an academically trained and licensed social worker. Those letters after our names (MSW and LSW), actually stand for Master of Social Work and Licensed Social Worker. To maintain our license, we attend continuing education seminars all year long. It’s how we make sure we’re always providing the most up to date care and services to our patients and their caregivers.

This year’s Social Work Month theme is “Social Work Paves the Way for Change.” How do we social workers at Magee “Pave the Way for Change” for our patients?

On the inpatient side, we collaborate with other clinical team members to ensure all of our patients go home with the equipment, services, and resources they need. Whether it’s arranging home health services at discharge or assisting a patient with applying for Social Security, we secure the support they need to get back to their optimal level of health and physical function.

On the outpatient side, our social workers in the Follow-Up Clinic and at the Riverfront Outpatient Center follow our patients through their progression of recovery and reintegration into the community. You will find us assisting patients with returning to work, applying for assistance waivers, or locating accessible housing.

In addition to all that we do for our patients on both the inpatient and outpatient sides, we provide support for the family members and caregivers of our patients. Often times, injury and disability affect more than just the patient. Caregivers may need help with requesting leave from work to care for their loved one or may benefit from a referral to one of our caregiver support groups like our Spinal Cord Injury Family Peer Group.

The important thing to know about Magee’s social workers is that we’ll always be here to serve our patients; whether you’re reading this from your hospital room now or from home and discharged several years ago. Magee’s Lifetime Follow-Up System of Care assures that. No matter next year’s Social Work Month theme, we will continue to “Pave the Way for Change” for our patients. To find out more information about Social Work Month 2015, you can visit the website of the National Association for Social Workers, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year!


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