Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Launches Orthopedic Day Rehab Program

November 1, 2013

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital has  opened the doors to the Orthopedic Day Rehab program at its Riverfront  Outpatient Center. The Orthopedic Day Rehab program is a comprehensive and  flexible program that strives to meet the individual rehabilitation needs of the  patient while allowing them to return to their own home each evening. The  program, which is offered Monday through Saturday, is designed for individuals  who have had a single joint replacement (knee or hip) and have the ultimate goal  of returning to the highest level of functioning in the least amount of  time.

"We  recognize that each patient will come with his or her own set of individual  needs and goals," said Mary Clare Schafer, RN, MS, ONC, CRRN, Coordinator of  Magee's Orthopedic Day Rehab program. "That's why our Orthopedic Day Rehab  program is tailored with the patient's specific requirements in mind.  And we  know that while every patient's needs are not exactly the same, every patient's  goal is: to return to a self-sufficient independence."

This  program is medically prescribed and includes both individual and group  therapies.  Patients receive daily physical therapy, occupational therapy, case  management services and patient/family teaching. The Orthopedic Day Rehab staff  is also actively involved in every aspect of the patient's recovery, including  monitoring incision, assessing pain, coordinating lab work and interacting with  the patient's surgeon as necessary.

The  Orthopedic Day Rehab Program is offered Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2  p.m.  The  program takes place at Magees Riverfront Outpatient Center, which is  located at 1500 S. Columbus Blvd in South Philadelphia and easily accessible  from Center City, the Philadelphia suburbs, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.  Parking is free.  For additional information or to make a referral, please  contact Orthopedic Day Rehab Coordinator Mary Clare Schafer at (215) 218-3905.  For more information on Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, please visit