Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Announces Installation of Vector Gait & Safety  System

November 12, 2013

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital today announced the installation and  availability of the Northeast region's first and only robotic gait training  system by Bioness. The Vector Gait&Safety System is designed to provide  patients a safe environment to practice standing and walking without an  assistive device earlier in the rehabilitation process than otherwise  possible.

"For patients, one fall during  rehabilitation can cause anxiety and loss of confidence, setting back their  progress. But as we all know, you need practice to perfect a skill," said Deb  Kucera, PT, MSPT, Director of Therapies at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. "The  Vector allows our patients to practice walking on solid ground without an  assistive device or risk of falling, something that would not be possible this  early in therapy without it. This system promotes recovery over compensation,  and we are thrilled to be able to offer our patients this new technology."

The Vector Gait & Safety System allows  orthopedic, neurologic and amputee patients to participate in gait and balance  training while ensuring their safety and the safety of their health care  provider.
Unlike other track systems, the Vector uses a robotic trolley on a  conductive rail that senses the patients' movement and follows along and there  is no pulling required. A software interface allows health care providers to set  parameters such as body weight support and fall detection limits to meet  individual patient needs. Throughout the training process, the Vector System  tracks patient data, allowing for analysis, session comparison and electronic  medical record documentation.

The Vector System installed on Magee's third floor  is the longest track in the world, providing the Hospital's patients with  opportunities for extended walks and space for practice. To learn more about the  Vector System, please visit For specific questions regarding the  Vector System at Magee, please contact Deb Kucera, PT, MSPT, Director of  Therapies at or (215) 587-3148.