Magee Rehabilitation Hospitals Peer Mentor Program Receives Inglis Award for  Continuing Excellence

May 6, 2014

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's Peer Mentor Program was named a recipient of  the Inglis Award for Continuing Excellence (ACE). This award, which includes a  $12,500 grant from Inglis, honors the performance of not-for-profit  organizations in the Greater Delaware Valley region that provide direct  services, products or advocacy for people with physical disabilities.

"We are sincerely honored to receive such a  prestigious award from the Inglis Foundation," says said Nancy Rosenberg,  Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Director of Magee's Peer Mentor Programs. "Our  peer mentors show patients that life is not only possible after injury, but  fulfilling -- and thanks to support from Inglis, we will continue to be able to  offer that hope."

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's Peer Mentor Program  is designed to offer newly injured patients and their families the opportunity to  speak with specially selected and trained individuals who have faced life  circumstances similar to their own and are living full lives. The peer mentors  are grouped by injury -- spinal cord, amputee, stroke and brain injury -- and  meet with newly injured patients and family members to offer their support.   Specialty programs are also available for patients who may have concerns about  alcohol or drug addiction.

The Inglis Award for Continuing Excellence honors  the outstanding performance of not-for-profit organizations in the Greater  Delaware Valley that provide direct services, products and/or advocacy for  people with physical disabilities. Inglis works with people with physical  disabilities -- and those who care for them -- to achieve their goals and live  life to the fullest. 

For more information about Magee's Peer Mentor  Program, please visit, or contact Dr. Nancy Rosenberg  at (215) 587-3210. For more information about Inglis, please visit