Ask a Peer: When You Gotta Go…

I need advice regarding urine collection on a 6 hour flight to Arizona. I currently do intermittent catheterization, so I don’t have an indwelling catheter. I’d like to know what other people do in this situation.

 This is a question we get a lot. Like, a LOT. While you should always consult your doctor, we asked our peers about their experiences. Here’s what they said.

  • “I have the same situation.  When I fly I use an indwelling catheter with a leg bag. Leg bags come in different sizes so depending on how long the flight is you can determine what size would best fit your needs. I normally put the catheter in after I check in with security so there are no questions during the pat down.”
  • “When traveling overseas last year, I was on a 7 hour flight in the same situation. I tried to have my doctor prescribe me an indwelling catheter and leg bag, but he wouldn’t do it. He told me to make sure to cath right before the flight and to drink a minimal amount of fluid, and to simply cath as soon as I landed.  I did as he told me and didn’t have any issues.”
  • “My son and I have traveled to and from California a 6 hour flight several times, and he uses intermittent caths also.  He usually limits the fluids he drinks and goes right before he gets on the plane and as soon as he gets off.  He has also used the bathroom on the plane, but they are usually too small.  The stewardesses took him to all three restrooms and finally had to guard the door because it wouldn’t close. They were all very helpful and the stewardesses and my son had a good laugh about it.”

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