Wellness Triumph of the Month: Darnell’s Story

Each month, the Health & Wellness Center at Magee Riverfront honors one of its clients as the “Wellness Triumph of the Month.” Today, meet Darnell.

In April 2016, Darnell sustained a gunshot wound to the C3 level of his spinal cord. He chose to take his inpatient recovery to Magee’s main hospital where he spent six months working toward his goals. After discharge, Darnell came to Magee Riverfront for outpatient therapy and joined the Wellness Center in July 2017. Darnell is a self-employed movie buff who loves crime movies and his dog, Gotti. He loves to go out on the weekends where he lives in West Philadelphia. In the Wellness Center, Darnell enjoys using the standing frame, RT300 stim bike, Equalizer, and the Lokomat. His radiant smile has landed him the nickname “Sunshine” by his fellow Wellness members.

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